14 Omicron infections detected in Brazil; the passengers came from a Cancun flight

BRAZIL, (December 24, 2021).- The Ministry of Health of the Federal District of Brazil announced that they detected 14 new cases of the omicron variant in travelers who returned from vacation for a few days in Cancun and that the plane where they returned to the Rio de Janeiro country landed on December 20.

In the statement, published today, the national agency indicated that first, it was a couple on December 17 that tested positive for this strain of the coronavirus, plus the 12 new infections of it detected, so they were isolated after the result.

This figure is added to the 16 that already existed in this Brazilian federal unit, where the agency indicated that one of them recovered

Likewise, the Brazilian Ministry of Health indicated that the samples will be sent to the ‘Adolfo Lutz’ Institute in the city of Sao Paulo, to be studied and validated by specialists; They also indicated that 43 other people from that same flight underwent the test, but none had the disease.

Among the ages of those who tested positive for the omicron variant in the Federal District of Brazil, they are in the range of 20 to 49 years, and that are six women and eight men, of which 13 already had the complete scheme of the covid vaccine.

The government agency indicated that none of the detected cases show signs of serious symptoms of the disease, and they remain under monitoring by the Center for Strategic Information on Health Surveillance (Cievs, for its acronym in Portuguese).