Yucatán Police detain a couple from Tabasco for the disappearance of an elderly citizen

The young people from Tabasco came to hide in Mérida. (Photo: Special)

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (November 20, 2021) .- A couple from the State of Tabasco, a man and a woman, were detained in Mérida by agents of the State Investigation Police and the State Attorney General’s Office, as they are wanted by a judge from Tabasco for being involved in the disappearance of a senior citizen.

She was identified as D.C.G.H., 20 years old, and he as S.S.D.L.C., 21 years old, and the crime was committed in the municipality of Comalcalco, Tabasco.

The disappearance of a person is the crime for which a judge from that locality issued an arrest warrant against the young couple, who to escape from justice traveled to Mérida with the intention of hiding.

Fortunately, there is a collaboration between the bodies in charge of justice in each state, and when support was requested, they were found in Mérida, an action that was carried out by the State Investigation Police and the FGE.

Once they were arrested, they were handed over to the Tabasco authorities so that they could be made available to the judge who required them.

Source: Sipse