Yucatán Government condemns femicide in Umán and will investigate the case

The events occurred on the “20 de Noviembre” sports field, located on 20th Street and 26-F in the San Francisco de Umán neighborhood. (Photo: Sipse)

Semujeres pointed out that there is already a rapprochement with the victim’s family to offer comprehensive care, support, and counseling.

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (November 12, 2021).- After reporting the alleged  femicide of the 37-year-old Y.V.P. in Umán, the State Government, through the Secretariat for Women (Semujeres), condemned the incident.

It was announced that Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal issued instructions for Semujeres, the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) and the State Executive Commission for Victim Assistance (CEEAV), to follow up on the case and take the corresponding actions to provide comprehensive care for the victim’s family.

The State Government reiterated its commitment to act rigorously in the investigation process surrounding the case and to punish the aggressor with the full weight of the law.

María Cristina Castillo Espinosa, head of Semujeres pointed out that an interdisciplinary team from the agency began the process of approaching the victim’s family to offer comprehensive care, support and advice.

Likewise, he pointed out that Semujeres will work in coordination with the State Attorney General’s Office so that the death of Y.V.P. is thoroughly investigated and the necessary actions are carried out for the integration of the corresponding investigation folder.

Likewise, Semujeres staff is working in coordination with the State Executive Commission for Victim Attention (CEEAV) to give timely follow-up to the investigation process and assist in the actions that are necessary to support the victim’s family.

It should be noted that in coordination with the Umán City Council, the necessary actions will also be implemented to support the victim’s family and to redouble inter-institutional actions for the safety of women in the municipality, the promotion of women’s rights, training and violence prevention.

Attention to women in situations of violence

The comprehensive services and programs of the Semujeres such as psychological, legal and social care for women in situations of violence are available free of charge to those who require it.

It can be requested by phone at the numbers (999) 923 37 11 and (999) 923 37 29, in person at the offices located at calle 14, number 189 by 17 and 19, in the Miraflores neighborhood or access a channeling and immediate response through from the Facebook page.

There are also 30 Regional Centers for the Attention of Women strategically located in Mérida, Kanasín, Progreso, Umán, Tecoh, Tekax, Ticul, Peto, Oxkutzcab, Izamal, Motul, Tizimín, Valladolid and Maxcanú, which allows giving coverage to the entire State.

Source: Sipse