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Mériida, Yucatán, (November 16, 2021).- As part of the presentation of more tourism projects and products, the head of the federal Tourism Secretariat, Miguel Torruco Marqués highlighted what the Government of Yucatán is doing to promote tourism.

At the end of October, Yucatán was positioned as one of the three states of the country with the highest tourism investment, highlighted the head of the federal Tourism Secretariat (Sectur), when he led, together with Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal, the presentation of projects and tourism products with a private investment of more than 17 thousand 207 million pesos in the regions of Mérida, the cultural and gastronomic capital of the south, and the Yucatan Riviera, which will be generating more than 19,688 jobs for Yucatecans.

From the House of Culture of the port of Progreso, Torruco Marqués announced that, in this area, Yucatán shares the first 3 national sites with the states of Nayarit and Baja California Sur, and was placed above entities such as Quintana Roo, Guerrero, and Mexico City.

Accompanied by the partner of the Yucalpetén Resort and Marina project, Rodrigo Montalvo Vales, and the head of the Tourism Development Secretariat (Sefotur), Michelle Fridman, Vila Dosal pointed out that he is convinced that one of the great engines of economic development in Yucatán is the tourism, which is why it is necessary to generate opportunities of this type outside the Yucatecan capital, so that the benefits generated by this industry bring well-paid jobs and development opportunities to the entire state.

(Photo: Yucatan al instante)

On the other hand, Vila Dosal thanked the Federal Government for the boost to tourism and, especially, to the businessmen who have decided to invest in Yucatán, since, thanks to this contribution, the jobs that were lost due to the pandemic have been recovered. Since, between the months of March and August of 2020, 25,708 jobs were lost and, as of October 30 of this year, 33,700 had already been generated, that is, 8,000 additional sources of work.

With the announcements given today and in the last two days, the private investment of more than 27,000 million pesos is completed, which will be applied in the 6 regions of the entity and will represent the creation of over 41,000 jobs, in the turns of hotels, restaurants, entertainment, and transportation, among others. This total sum represents an increase of 139% compared to the first similar announcement, which was made in August 2019, with proposals for more than 11,100 million pesos.

In the Mérida region, the cultural and gastronomic capital of the south, 53 projects will be carried out for a total of 14,208 million pesos to enhance these activities in the state capital, and transcend our millenary culture and customs through tourism, generating more than 19,400 jobs between direct and indirect. While, in the Rivera Yucatan region, more than 2,999 million pesos will be invested in 22 projects that will generate more than 288 direct and indirect jobs on the Yucatan coast.

In his turn, the Progreso mayor, Julián Zacarías Curi, thanked the Governor for his willingness and joint work to detonate tourism in his region and the entire state. “He has shown us that he has a very clear vision and here in Progreso we work in the same direction.”

Source: Yucatan al Momento

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