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Why Is It Worth Having a Cat?

by Yucatan Times
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You spend countless hours online looking for cute cat photos, playing casinos online, checking out videos of the cutest pets, and admiring the various cat breeds. You are obsessed and can’t do anything about it! The cute videos of Persian kitties melt your heart. Even black cats are a thing now – people adore them! 

Everyone thinks that dogs are better companions as compared to cats. Well, we can only say that it depends from person to person. Some people are cat-lovers, and others are mad about dogs. The question is – Is it worth having a cat? You have landed on the right page because we will share some of the adorable traits of a cat. Hold that thought! Our job is not to convince you to keep a cat, and that’s why we have a list of cons too. Let’s get started!

Why you SHOULD keep a cat
Let’s start with the positive aspects. We are animal lovers, so it is always good to start with the good traits. You must get a cat because:

  1. They show you that ANYTHING can turn into a comfortable bed. Put them in a cardboard box (lid open), a sheet of paper, the trail of your long dress, or even the washbasin – they would be happy to sleep anywhere. 
  2. You may like to cuddle with your cat, but some days you can’t be extra mushy. Cats are not very cuddly (some of them). They are individual creates who like to play, groom themselves, and nap all day long. If you are a workaholic, a kitty cat would be a good pet for you. 
  3. Cats can be silly (and we mean it in a good way!). They will start playing with a ball of wool and chase a mouse on your laptop screen. When a cat gets angry, she makes funny noises and the snapping moment is quite funny. 
  4. There is no need for constant supervision here. Cats can be alone for a long time. If you spend a lot of time outside (9 to 5 job) and don’t want a howling pet, then a cat could be a good companion. Give them enough water and food – they’ll be happy. 
  5. Your home will be pest-free. The cat will shoo away all the rats in your home. 
  6. A cat does not need to go on a walk. She/he would be happy to walk around the house, snuggle, and sleep. Don’t try to put a leash on your cat – they might just think you are their enemy! 

What’s SO wrong with a cat?
As we mentioned before, cats are highly independent. They can also be moody. If they are in the mood, they will come and snuggle with you. If not, they would stay miles away and not interact at all. In case your kitty is in the mood, she/he will sit on your lap and snuggle for a few minutes/hours. They’re moody, so if you are someone who wants a lot of attention and love, cats are not the best pet for you.

Moreover, cats can claw any piece of furniture or the door. It will damage your home and cause major problems. They are also known as the ‘natural killers.’ Don’t expect to see a lot of birds around your neighbourhood in the coming days/weeks.

Concluding Thoughts 
Well, we have given you enough information about cats. The feline friend is funny, entertaining, moody, cute, and beautiful. They are not as emotional as a dog, but you will have a good time nonetheless. If you want an independent pet that does not requires walks and a lot of attention, get a cat.

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1 comment

Jeanie Hendersen November 16, 2021 - 5:30 am

My cats love to sleep on my lap every time I am working in front of the computer. Imagine having a zoom meeting and your cat starts asking for food. A very well written article. Thanks for sharing.


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