While Ómicron threatens the world, AMLO summons the people to meet at Mexico City’s Zocalo

Photo: (Sipse)

While Ómicron threatens the world, AMLO calls rallies and López-Gatell has 42 million unused vaccines

Ómicron threatens the world, knocks down the stock markets and unleashes border closures, AMLO continues to call the people to meet at Mexico City’s Zocalo in a masive event.

MEXICO, (November 29, 2021).- Vaccination against COVID-19 has fallen in Mexico, roughly 80% from its highest peak recorded on election week last June.

So Mexico is the 90th place in the world in the vaccinated population. Only 50% of the population has the complete scheme.

According to the column published by Carlos Loret de Mola in Vanguardia, Andrés Manuel López Obrador has lied by stating that Mexico is one of the countries that vaccinates the most in the world.

Official statistics show that this weekend in the warehouses of the federal government there are 42 million doses of vaccines that are not put out.

Likewise, by reducing its vaccination rate in Mexico and being one of the most open countries in the world, the probability that the new omicron strain of the coronavirus will arrive, which is much more contagious and perhaps more dangerous.

The World Health Organization has recommended that in the face of the appearance in Africa of this new variant, nations should not relax their vaccination efforts and maintain protective measures, such as the use of a mask.

So in those two recommendations, vaccination and mask, AMLO and his government have failed.

The arrogance of the AMLO government prevented a decisive bet on tests and masks, the two main factors that allowed the recovery of mobility and economic activity.

Ómicron threatens the world, knocks down the stock markets, and unleashes border closures, AMLO continues to call rallies.

Twenty-one months of pandemic later, he is getting ready this week to commemorate the three years of his rule with a massive congregation in the Zócalo of Mexico City.