Vila calls to vaccinate more than 200 thousand people lagging behind possible fourth wave of Covid

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Vila called on the Yucatecans who have not been able to complete their scheme, to do so to avoid the appearance of new strains.

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (November 23, 2021).- Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal called on Yucatecans who for some reason have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus or have not been able to complete their scheme, to do so to avoid the appearance of new strains, and with it the prolongation of the pandemic, putting at risk the economic reactivation of Yucatan.

Let’s enjoy the results of our efforts, but let’s encourage every Yucatecan over 15 years of age to get vaccinated since our economic reactivation demands it. Let us not allow all our work and the effort we put in, every day that we did not see our families, that we had to stop our activities or change our routines, to have been in vain ”, he asserted.

In a message that he addressed to the Yucatecan population on Monday night, November 22nd, through his social networks, the Governor affirmed that, despite the fact that the Epidemiological Traffic Light indicators are in Green and decreasing, the sanitary measures that are already part of our new normality, such as the use of face masks, healthy distance and frequent hand washing, continue to be mandatory.

Even if you have the vaccine, you can get Covid-19

Remembering that a vaccinated person can also become infected and continue to infect, Vila Dosal explained that this improvement in the data shows that the vaccine works and that the implementation process implemented has been successful.

However, in Yucatan, there are still more than 216 thousand people over 18 years of age who, despite having been able to go for their doses, for some reason, have not done so.

Fourth wave of Covid

In that sense, the Governor affirmed that this panorama puts us at risk of reaching the fourth wave of coronavirus, as is happening in European countries, so it is essential that those who have not done so are vaccinated and abide by sanitary measures.

Permanent modules

He recalled that, as of this Monday, permanent modules were installed in Yucatán, where doses are applied to those who have not been able to do so.

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