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Veterinarians and biologists take to the streets of Merida to oppose to current law changes

by Yucatan Times
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MÉRIDA, MX.– In a peaceful manner, biologists and veterinarians took to the streets of the Historic Center of Mérida to demonstrate against the Animal Welfare initiative proposed by the Senate of the Republic, indicating that it could affect both the fauna and the economy of Mexico and therefore the state of Yucatán.

The people dedicated to this profession indicated that it is an initiative that is not correctly or ideally proposed, since it puts the conservation of diverse wild species at risk, especially in the activities that are carried out in zoos, where they guarantee there is a commitment to care for the diverse species in captivity.

Jorge Medina, representative of the Union of Professionals for Animal Welfare in the State, indicated that this law lacks analysis, since apparently they have only focused on the care of pets or domestic species, such as dogs and cats, but there is no greater attention to wild species.

“They are messing with the General Wildlife Law, they are prohibiting the sustainable use that is carried out in the Management Units for the Conservation of Wildlife, where, with official validity, species are bred and conserved, including some that are in danger of extinction,” he said.

The protesters even gave the example that the greatest impact would be evident in the meat production industry.

Before this law is approved, the professionals ask for a consultation on their opinions, because based on their knowledge they will be able to feed this type of initiative.

“We ask that professional people take charge of making the laws, not people who know nothing about animal welfare,” added Jorge Lara Montero, president of the College of Small Species Veterinarians of Yucatán.

The protesters, likewise made it clear that they agree with hunting that is legal, as they claim it is also a way in which communities in various municipalities of the state benefit.

“They are ignoring our rights as sportsmen and women and people who practice sustainable sport hunting, who try to develop habitats in which the species can reproduce”, mentioned Ferdinando Leal, president of the Association of Sport Shooting in the state.

The proposal has been made at the federal level by Senator Ricardo Monreal, who considers it necessary to establish mechanisms to prevent mistreatment and violence against animals.

Likewise, it has been proposed the reform of the legislation to typify mistreatment and cruelty against animals under federal jurisdiction, that is, wildlife and animals for consumption.

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