Up to 50 percent discounts on property tax during ‘El Buen Fin’ in Yucatán

Mexico's property tax is called "predial." (PHOTO: Mexico Nueva Era)

Mérida, Yucatán, (November 11, 2021).- The director of economic and tourism development of the Mérida city council, José Luis Martínez Semerena, said that as of this November 10, as part of the ‘Buen Fin’, the municipality is granting discounts of up to 50% in taxes of the property payment.

He assured that the support was approved by the council on the proposal of the municipal president Renán Barrera Concha.

“We must take advantage of the discounts for the good end approved by the city council, at the proposal of our mayor Renán Barrera, so that there could be a 50 percent discount on taxes and property updates that have not been paid in previous years, ” he said.

They will also be able to obtain tenant discounts from markets or businesses that have to pay land use rights, and that have fallen behind with these fees.

“Those fines that have not been paid will also have a discount, so they can go to the Mérida City Hall website, or call the city council to tell them exactly what the discount could be that they can have access to. ”, he revealed.

The municipal official stressed that the discounts will be made not only during the good end but throughout the month of November so that it lasts a little longer for the benefit of the people of Merida.

“In other years, people take advantage of these discounts a lot, that is why we decided to launch this proposal again because each year it represents savings for people who for some reason fell behind in their payments.”

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