Tourism increases risk of contagion of COVID-19 of the new variant Omicron

Miami Airport (File Photo)

Travelers arrive to Mexico from countries with Omicron cases. Mexico has not taken prevention measures to curb this or to restrict mobility. 

MEXICO, (November 29, 2021).- Four thousand 484 travelers arrive in the country every week from countries that so far have identified cases of the new variant of COVID-19, Ómicron, indicate figures from the Migration Policy Unit of the Ministry of the Interior.

The countries are the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Germany, and Israel, according to international reports, and they are even closing their borders again or have tightened their policies for the departure and reception of travelers.

In contrast, Mexico has not taken measures to restrict mobility in 20 months of the pandemic, it even became the third country to receive the most foreigners in 2020, previously it was in seventh place.

Gerardo Herrera, professor in tourism at the Universidad Iberoamericana, commented that in light of this new news, a moderate impact is expected on activity in the sector.

“You can anticipate a travel reduction of between 10 and 20 percent, even knowing how dangerous it will be, if it is more deadly and contagious and if it is vulnerable to vaccines.”

Gerard Herrera professor in tourism at the Universidad Iberoamericana

Eduardo Paniagua, president of the Mexican Association of Travel Agencies, said that the alerts have already been turned on at the end of the year.

“Some European countries are closing, given the new strain, the hope is vaccination and that we do not have a greater impact , because it is not expected that the economy will close. What we have to do is reinforce health protocols and not only the businesses but the people needs to take better care of themselves.”

Eduardo Paniagua, president of the Mexican Association of Travel Agencies.

Source: Heraldo de Mexico