(Photo: Asetur)

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (November 01, 2021).- Yucatán is at a good time for the 2021 Mexico Tourism Tianguis (TTM), which will be the spearhead to position Mérida as one of the most important cities in Latin America, declared the president of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Mérida (Canaco-Servytur), Iván Rodríguez Gasque.

The business leader declared that all the shops, restaurants, and hotels in Mérida are ready to receive visitors from November 10 to 16 in the city, for the Tianguis Turistico.

He stated that only among the participants in the Tianguis there are more than 64 corporations and 1,252 national and international buyers confirmed, which will translate into a very important economic spill, although the most important thing is that the Tianguis will position the Yucatecan capital as a national benchmark and in Latin America.

He added that, in addition to the economic spillover, the TTM represents international relations that can be established with other businessmen in the tourism and lodging sector.

“Companies come from all over the world, the idea is that we can continue doing business with everyone in the tourist area, so we are already prepared for this great event, which for the commercial sector will have the ‘Buen Fin 2021’ at the same time, for what November will be of utmost importance for Yucatan ”, he said.

“For those dates, we expect more occupancy in hotels and restaurants, in addition, visits will be made, without a doubt it will be an important tourist moment for the city of Mérida,” he concluded.

Source: Sipse