Third edition of the “Octopus Festival 2021” in Rio Lagartos this Sunday 14th

Río Lagartos Festival del Pulpo 2019

Yucatán, (November 12, 2021).- To promote the visit of dozens of national and international tourists to the Yucatecan coast, businessmen, hoteliers and restaurateurs from Río Lagartos are preparing a gastronomic demonstration and the invitation to return to the “ Octopus Festival 2021 ” in its third edition, to be held next Sunday, November 14 at the hotel “Villa de Pescadores”, with the participation of eight businesses that will offer their dishes to the public at the exhibition.

He considered that during the previous two years, businessmen and restaurant owners suffered greatly from the lack of arrival of visitors to the coast, which is why it was decided to organize something allusive to the fair this year, such as the gastronomic demonstration.

He announced that it will be a formal presentation of what Río Lagartos has to offer to national and foreign tourism, as well as being a small reminder that they are ready for the Tianguis Turístico de México (TTM).

“Each restaurateur will offer their dishes and we will invite them to participate next year in an octopus festival as such, it is an event that we want to promote a lot to attract visitors and send them the message that we are prepared to receive them, taking advantage of the event of the Tianguis Turistico 2021”, he referred.

Pacheco Alcocer recalled that the tourist parador will participate in the Tianguis with a coupon, in which discounts will be offered on the total account of the visitors, prior agreement with the Ministry of Development, to encourage the arrival of passers-by.

Source: Sipse