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These are the causes of insecurity and violence in Quintana Roo

by Yucatan Times
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The lack of attention on the part of both local and federal authorities to the various problems that afflict the state of Quintana Roo have made the region a lawless place, where organized crime organizations operate at will to satisfy drug use by the tourists

By Eduardo Galaviz Ibarra, President of the Observatory of Quintana Roo, for Reporte Indigo.

QUINTANA ROO, (November 11, 2021).- For Eduardo Galaviz Ibarra , president of the Quintana Roo Observatory , the shooting in Puerto Morelos is the cause of a problem that has grown for many years, both by governments and by tourism companies

“There is a lack of better coordination between the authorities, citizens, companies and visitors so that the best way to eliminate this problem that is affecting the entire state is sought, because we have a tourist vocation and this type of event affects the great activity just in this moment that begins to recover .

“There is a lack of coordination and leadership on the issue, especially in drug dealing. The command should be carried out by the Attorney General’s Office for the type of crimes, since the State Police does not have those powers.

“There is a void that obviously they take advantage of to say ‘it is not my responsibility’, they throw the ball until something like Puerto Morelos happens and then everyone pretends to do things,” says the specialist.

The problem is also aggravated, he says, by the permissiveness that exists for tourists to freely buy and consume drugs within tourist destinations .

“There are many people who come and think that here it is allowed to buy and consume drugs, they come with that disposition, that is the great struggle, if there is demand, those who manage the supply have to find a way to satisfy it.

This is something that they have to handle immediately, they have to understand that these crimes are just as punishable as in their places of origin. If there is not a firm hand that makes the conversion of destinations to something familiar, we will continue to have these problems “, he concludes.

The involvement of the Attorney General’s Office in the entity is essential to combat drug dealing, as it is the institution that has the powers to carry out this task.


After the Secretary of Public Security of Quintana Roo, Alberto Capella , resigned at the end of last year , the new head of the SSP, Lucio Hernández Gutiérrez , confirmed at the end of October that they would reinforce and they would expand the Coordinated Management of Police Actions (formerly the Single Command ), because it was “fully functioning.”

This is contrary to the opinion of Rafael Barajas Valenzuela , director of the Tulum Citizen Observatory, who warns that it is all a simulation in which they pay justly for sinners and arbitrarily detain citizens to use them as scapegoats .

As happened in the arrest of fifteen people during the seizure of firearms, useful cartridges and drugs in the municipality of Tulum on October 29.

“The police are indicting innocents. Two of the boys who were arrested were ‘picked up’ at another address and have no connection with these gangs. Also, one of our collaborators, Rocky Barrera , was arbitrarily arrested while he was conducting an investigation with some residents of the place where that weapon was seized.

“We are horrified because the hunt has already started. We have all those checkpoints of the National Guard , the Army and the State Police that are committing all kinds of abuses and assemblages to appease public opinion due to the death of the influencers in ‘La Malquerida’ Bar ”, he points out.

Regarding what happened in Puerto Morelos, Barajas Valenzuela comments that it is an example that the dynamics of organized crime are changing and that there is impunity.

“With what happened in Puerto Morelos, it is possible to confirm the number of weapons that there are and the people who use them. Also that criminal groups are experimenting with new types of attacks that are no longer discreet and operate in full view of everyone because they know that nothing is wrong “

Source: Reporte Indigo

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