The return to face-to-face classes is expected for November in Campeche

(Photo: Por esto)

Campeche, (November 02, 2021).- Although education authorities have not made anything official, it seems that the return to face-to-face classes could soon resume in the state, this issue is of great interest to teachers and parents who assure that it is time for students to resume as should be their education.

Authorities pointed out that the return to the classroom will be in the month of November. It should be noted that Campeche is one of the states where Vaccination Day has advanced very quickly, this situation is of great benefit to the education sector, so the risk of contagion is not high as is believed.

The situation arose after the high mobility of families going to parks with minors meant that if there is no fear of going to public spaces, they should not oppose the return to face-to-face classes as this is essential and urgent for students, because they are falling behind in their studies since the distance plan was not effective for some.

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