The “Buen Fin 2021” reached the sales goal set for Mérida, Yuc.

(Photo: La Revista Peninsular)

Mérida, Yucatán, (November 18, 2021).- The ‘Buen Fin’ managed to reach the goal set in terms of sales for this year, confirmed the president of the National Chamber of Commerce (Canaco) of Mérida, Iván Rodríguez Gasque.

According to him, at the end of the promotions stage, there was significant buyer activity generated during the 7 days that the campaign lasted, as he said, as expected.

“We have reached the goal of 2019, we will see how much we surpass it. It is not a very high figure but if we reach it and that, without a doubt, speaks of the fact that the recovery process has advanced significantly ”, he said.

“So, we are doing very well. Now comes the holiday season, which is also important for commerce and tourism ”, he added.

He remarked that a large number of people were appreciated who took advantage of the offers presented by the more than 9 thousand establishments that participated.

The goal set for 2021 was to exceed 7 billion pesos from the previous year.

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