Table for the Construction of Peace and Security in Campeche

(Photo: @LaydaSansores)

Governor Layda Sansores San Román called on citizens to denounce, anonymously if they prefer, these actions against the environment and tree felling.

Campeche, (November 15, 2021).- Faced with an operation by the police and armed forces that stopped illegal logging on a property in San Luis Carpizo, Champotón, as well as the seizure of machinery, the issue was addressed during the Table for the Construction of Peace and Security, accompanied by the Secretary-General of Government, Aníbal Ostoa Ortega, also exhorted the citizens to be very careful with extortion calls, hang up the phone and report it to 911.

Also, he said, all the family members must inform where they will be and with whom, as this prevents criminals from surprising with calls about alleged kidnappings or accidents.

Sansores San Román also decided to locate properties in Campeche and Ciudad del Carmen to begin the construction of shelter houses for the homeless, where they could receive comprehensive care, as it is part of the social care that the government must provide.

Regarding the vaccination campaign against Covid, it was declared that 566,192 first doses and 447,130 second doses have been applied, Sansores made a new call to the population to take care of themselves to maintain the green traffic light.

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