Public transport driver who ran over a man in downtown Mérida is charged with murder

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (November 17, 2021) .- On Tuesday 16th, the driver of the public transport truck that ran over a man on Saturday, November 13th Downtown Mérida, was charged with murder.

In a hearing to formulate the accusation, the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) informed J.R.R.E. that an investigation is being followed for the crime of murder committed by fault, to the detriment of C.L.C.

The latter was run over on Calle 65th between 52 and 52-A in the Center of Mérida by the bus on the Villas Oriente route, plates A-03384-Z, driven by J.R.R.E.

The accusation that was made before the First Judge of Control of the First Judicial District, after the arrest of him was decreed legal, indicates that the subject was driving over an area destined for the passage or pedestrian crossing, when he ran over the victim .

Due to the impact, the victim suffered various injuries that ultimately resulted in death as a result of a head injury.

Although the litigation prosecutors requested at that time the connection to the process, J.R.R.E. He availed himself of the right of 144 hours that the law grants him, so his situation will be defined this Friday, November 19th.

Meanwhile, the defendant must come to sign the first five days of each month and will not be able to leave the State for the entire duration of the process.

Source: Sipse

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