(Photo: Gerardo Keb/Sipse)

Progreso, Yucatán, (November 08, 2021).- After the events that occurred a few days ago at the “Chocolate” dock, where a young man was about to drown by throwing himself from the structure into the sea, municipal authorities ask visitors to avoid jumping from the docks on the coasts de Progreso during their stays, due to the latent risks due to the constant changes in the waves and swell.

The director of the municipal police of Progreso, Emilio Raúl Caamal Gutiérrez, commented on the need for visitors to understand the risk they run when trying to jump from the docks on the beaches of the municipality, an increasingly common practice among tourists, mainly locals, which in the midst of the fun of having a good time are put in serious danger due to the depth of the waters in the place and the constant changes in the waves and the swell.

The police officers in charge of the care of the piers and nearby areas, pointed out that during the weekends and the holiday season, some walkers go to the docks to jump from the highest point to the sea, so when they are told not to do it by police officers, they comply with the request, but later on, they return and jump from the pier.

Many of these actions have had fatal consequences. Deaths have been registered in the Chicxulub, Chuburná, and Chocolate dock of Progreso, where according to local paramedics, many of those cases could be avoided if the walkers had not been throwing themselves from the docks, after at least three or four beers.

Currently, the weather conditions in the ports, mainly after noon, make diving the docks even more dangerous, because the waves are becoming increasingly harsh, so the authorities ask the inhabitants to be aware of the situation and stop jumping from the docks.

Source: Sipse