Progreso hotel room party ends up with 8 arrested by the Municipal Police

Authorities detained several people. (Photo: Sipse)

PROGRESO, Yucatán, (November 05, 2021).- In a swift action, police officers from the port of Progreso arrested 8 people who were disturbing the peace, as they started a fight inside a hotel room in the Center of Progreso..

The operation took place on Thursday, November 4, when the workers of the hotel located on Calle 78 (between 31 and 33) downtown Progreso, called the Police indicating that there was a brawl inside one of the rooms, which was rented to men and women who arrived to have a party.

The fact is that a real battle took place inside that room, where apparently, the guests have been throwing bottles at each other, a situation for which the attention of the authorities was requested.

During the meeting, a fight broke out, which left two injured. (Photo: Sipse)

Several agents aboard vans arrived at the site, entered the place and arrested eight people, men and women, observing that two of them had head injuries, for which the support of paramedics was requested.

After it was seen that they were all in one piece, now they were sent to jail, and it would be verified how much damage there was in the hotel to bill them. 

Source: Sipse

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