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Pharmaceuticals Value Soars By Omicron; earned USD$ 51.44 billion

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Speculation about whether they will have an effective vaccine benefited the laboratories Pfizer, BioNTech, AstraZeneca and Moderna last Friday.

MEXICO, (November 29, 2021).- While markets around the world were affected last Friday, following the announcement of a new variant of covid-19 called Omicron, laboratories Pfizer, BioNTech, AstraZeneca and Moderna increased their capitalization value.

In a single day, these pharmaceutical companies earned 51,440 million dollars jointly in capitalization value, going from $ 643.160 million on November 24 to $ 694.6 billion on Friday, November 26. , an increase of 8% (the 25th was a holiday in the United States). This is due to speculation about whether they will be able to have an effective vaccine against the new variant.

Moderna was the laboratory with the highest profit, as its value increased by $ 22.8 billion. Pfizer, which assured that in 100 days it would have the vaccine for the new variant, obtained 17 thousand 460 million dollars. Meanwhile, AstraZeneca’s profit was 740 million dollars.

In contrast, tourism-related companies lost again, given the measures that European countries began to implement to prevent the spread of the new variant, classified as “of concern” by the World Health Organization (WHO) .

Speculation about whether these laboratories will be able to have an effective vaccine against the new variant was what detonated its value in the market.

“In the case of the laboratories, it is speculation. We do not know if they are going to create the vaccine against this new variant, so this reaction is speculative,” said Humberto Calzada, an analyst at Rankia.

Source: Investing.com / Chart: Abraham Cruz

The specialist acknowledged that in this environment the laboratories are showing strength, however, given the uncertainty, it is not possible to know if they will continue to gain value or if they will begin to “deflate” due to the strong adjustments they have achieved since the pandemic began.

“Many times the financial assets work before rumors, if in the end they do not find the vaccine against the variant or the ones they have are not effective, we could see a fall in value,” he considered.

Source: investing.com

Which one won the most?

The laboratory that gained the most from Omicron was Moderna. The value of the laboratory increased by $ 22.8 billion. However, the one that made the most noise in the market, as it assured that in 100 days it would have the vaccine against the new variant, was Pfizer, which obtained 17.46 billion dollars, followed by its ally BioNTech, which accumulated 10,440 million dollars, finally, there was AstraZeneca with 740 million dollars. “It is yet to be identified how effective vaccines are for this new mutation, which could take several weeks,” said Banorte.

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