Mexico seeks vaccine production in partnership with the US and Canada

(Photo: Proceso)

MEXICO, (November 18, 2021).- Hugo López-Gatell, Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, reported that Mexico will propose to the United States and Canada a mechanism for the production and distribution of vaccines against Covid-19.

The foregoing, during the North American Leaders Summit, is to be held this Thursday, November 18th, where the strengthening of supply chains will also be proposed to respond effectively to a health emergency.

What the threats to public health of these dimensions mean and how we can have more secure systems that are consistent and better in their response capacity. 

“This implies, of course, being able to have the necessary supplies, not only for treatment and prevention, such is the case of vaccines, but also supplies for the diagnosis for the response in terms of the epidemiological response,” Lopez Gatell detailed prior to his trip to the US to the Summit.

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