Mérida’s Municipal Institute for Women overwhelmed by cases of violence against women

(Photo: Yucatán al instante)

Mérida, Yuactán, (November 15, 2021).- Due to the pandemic and the increase in cases of violence against women, the services of the Municipal Institute for Women (IMM) were exceeded when serving women from other municipalities of the State, the country, or other countries, reported its director, Fabiola García Magaña.

Given this, she specified, to meet the demand and speed up the link between instances, it has been seeking to establish agreements and strategies with different authorities such as the Justice Center for Women of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), the State Center for Social Prevention of the Citizen Participation Crime (Cepredey) and the Secretariat for Women (Semujeres).

She explained that part of the actions that will be developed with the Justice Center are the accompaniments that are provided to women when they come to file their complaints.

They are also supported in the areas of psychology, empowerment, or economics, to name a few.

 Violence against women, still very present 

The municipal official, said, that a family hearing lasts eight hours, while a public force lasts from six to 10 hours, which exceeds the working hours of the operational team, however, attention is provided even outside of their hours or in the early morning hours.

In general, she said, last September, 1,020 women were treated, of which 10 percent have some legal procedure and two public forces were carried out during which the generator of violence was removed from the legal domicile.

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