Merida International Airport (File photo)

The administration of the international airport of Mérida has hope in the ‘Tianguis Turistico’ to be able to reactivate with the arrival of visitors.

Mérida, Yucatán, (November 13, 2021).- The regional director of the southeast airport group Héctor Navarrete Muñoz, announced that the international airport of the City of Mérida is also working on preparations for the Tianguis Turistico.

“We also celebrate the arrival of the number of passengers, we are on the right track, we are waiting for Canadian tourism to arrive this year,” said the head of ASUR.

He added that they continue to recover from the pandemic, and the Tourist Tianguis will serve to promote air routes to the different airlines.

“We are on the road to recovery, of course, we work hand in hand with the Yucatan tourism secretariat and the national tourism secretariat, ASUR has a group of people who are dedicated to promoting the routes and that is what we are working on” , he pointed.

He explained that the tourist tianguis was what made Acapulco grow as a tourist center, and they hope that it will make Mérida the same.

“The Tianguis is very important, it is the largest tourist event that has taken place in Yucatan, without a doubt, because this promotes the state, these Tianguis have come to buy products and services, investing in Mexico, I calculate that if this is successful, the Tianguis would mark a “before and after” which could be very important for Yucatan,” he concluded.