(Photo: Por Esto)

Tekom natives set up a group of Casitas Mayas to decorate the headquarters of such an important international event as the Tianguis Turístico de Mérida, that will begin on Tuesday, November 16th.

YUCATAN, (November 13, 2021).- The small town of Tekom, Yucatan, will have a strong presence in an event of international level such as the Tianguis Turístico de Mérida, since its citizens are given the task of installing small straw houses as part of the decoration.

Tekom is 155 kilometers (98 miles) East of Merida (INEGI)

Oscar de Jesús Tec Chan, who along with 15 other people is carrying out this work and who will frame the gastronomic area of ​​the Tianguis, pointed out that since last Monday they arrived from his municipality, located in the region called north central of the State, to the facilities of the Centro Siglo XXI Convention Center to build 14 replicas of Maya houses.

Tec Chan pointed out that it is nice to know that the Maya hands of Tekom and the Chibilub and X-Cocmil communities are helping to decorate an event that will put Yucatán in the eyes of the world.

Manos mayas de Tekom adornan el Tianguis Turístico de Mérida | PorEsto
(Photo: Por Esto)

They claim to know little about what will take place as part of the Mérida Tourist Tianguis, but they assure that they are professionals in the elaboration of the so-called Casitas Mayas (Maya huts) and that they feel proud to represent the people of Tekom, Yucatan.

He explained that he is known because he has made altars with logs and huano for the days of the dead, but when he was commissioned to make these 14 huts he was very glad and enthusiastic because he knows that this work “is going to be part of a very important international event.”

Manos mayas de Tekom adornan el Tianguis Turístico de Mérida | PorEsto
(Photo: Por Esto)

“We will make sure these will be the most beautiful Maya huts we’ve ever built in our lives, because the images of these huts are going to be seen around the world,” Oscar de Jesús Tec Chan said full of joy and enchantment..

Between saws, nails, and ropes, the day goes by for these Maya artisans, who are used to making palapas in buildings in the Riviera Maya and Cancun, but who say they are happy that this time they have been taken into account in their State for this assignment, that is more artistic.



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