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March called by opponents “Civic Day for Change” stopped by the Cuban Government

by Yucatan Times
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November 16, 2021.- From the “triumph” of the revolution on January 1st, 1959, until yesterday, November 15th, 2021, the Cuban dictatorial regime has never shown so much fear. Last July 11, they felt fear, on November 15, 2021, they felt panic.

The terror that penetrates the soul and prevents clear thinking was the response of the Cuban Government towards its people who clamor for freedom. That is why, yesterday, Monday, November 15th, the Government prevented the march called “Civic Day for Change,” and Cubans could not carry out their protest. Out of fear, authorities deployed police and military in the streets, there were acts of repudiation, and prevented the prominent leaders of the rally from going out in the streets. They were so afraid that the military and police presence in the streets of Havana, Las Tunas, or Santa Clara was more significant than usual.

Journalists had their press credentials withdrawn or were denied visas. Neither was free access given to the “hot zones.” Still, the world witnessed how those against the regime were besieged in their homes, while hordes of regime sympathizers shouted at them, insulted them, tried to intimidate them… and to their regret, they did not succeed.
Acts of repudiation are nothing new; the same thing happened to the relatives of those who left their homeland when the Mariel opened.

As always, with its classic stale and hackneyed discourse, the Cuban Government considered the protest “illegal” and stated that behind it was the “imperial strategy” of the United States. The terror of the Díaz-Canel Government is justified. They know that the people are fed up with their verbiage, their excuses. Of the exploitation of their people, the systematic violation of human rights, and the most important thing: All the international mass media witnessed it.

In some houses, the white sheets that hung from the balconies and identified the Government’s opponents were violently torn off. It also prevented activists and even international affiliated and independent journalists from covering the stories by Cuban state security agents or groups of people sympathetic to the Government. Berta Soler, leader of the “Ladies in White,” and her husband Angel Moya was detained. Yunior Garcia Aguilera, playwright, and activist, was held incommunicado in his home while heavily guarded by government officials. Journalist Abraham Jimenez Enoa was held in his home to avoid covering the protests and cut Yoani Sanchez’s internet access.

The opposition NGO Observatorio Cubano de Derechos Humanos, based in Spain, registered more than 200 repressive acts in the last three days, at least 49 home detentions, and 25 cases of serious threats.

The Cuban Government has not entirely understood that the “no protest” was, in fact, a success. Outside Cuba, a hundred acts linked to 15N were registered, and the protests have been extended until November 27.

With police and civil repression, Cuba stops the # 15N march. - Meczyki.Net
(Photo: Meczyki)

This story is just beginning, and although the repressive Cuban Government does not want to see its reality, this is the beginning of its end.

For Times Media Mexico
José E. Urioste

TYT Newsroom

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