Man arrested for setting an ATM machine on fire in downtown Merida

MÉRIDA, Yuc., November 30, 2021.- Agents of the Municipal Police of Mérida detained William Israel TC around 1 in the morning on Tuesday, November 30th, who allegedly sprayed gasoline and set fire to an automatic teller machine, of a banking institution located on the corner of Calle 64 and 63.

The events were recorded at 01:33 hours when the Monitoring and Command Control Center of this corporation received the report that they were trying to burn an ATM on 64th by 63rd Street, for which police elements came to the scene.

When they arrived at the site, they corroborated the information, seeing that inside the ATM was William Israel T. C., who was holding a transparent plastic bottle with gasoline inside.

For the aforementioned reasons, they proceeded to protect the place, leaving police custody, and transfer the now detained to the Municipal Jail for subsequent referral to the Public Ministry of the State Attorney General’s Office for the determination of responsibilities.