(Source: starlink.com)

Merida, Yucatan, (November 24, 2021).- During the ordinary session of the Yucatan State Congress, the PRI’s proposal to recognize the internet as a human right and guarantee that those who live in Yucatan have access to the network by law was unanimously approved.

This constitutional reform, the first of this legislature, promotes quality coverage in all corners of the state for the benefit of all users.

The decree adds a second paragraph to article 2 of the Political Constitution of the State of Yucatán, stating: “The State recognizes the human right to free and universal access to broadband and internet through the mechanisms and public policies necessary to progressively ensure the population its integration into the information and knowledge society, promoting individual and social development ”.

During her speech at the tribune, Karla Franco Blanco mentioned that with this approval, the authorities in the State will have the obligation to create digital inclusion policies that allow for the progressive incorporation of universal access to the Internet, according to the available resources.

“Today opens the possibility of creating a state network to provide internet services to the population, to contemplate broadband Internet access programs in public places and to originate coordination schemes between the different authorities of our state to draw a plan that will bring the internet to all corners of Yucatán ”, he stated.

For his part, Gaspar Quintal Parra, coordinator of the PRI faction, affirmed that access to the internet can no longer be seen solely as an act of recreation and leisure, but is really a way of communicating, interrelating and being able to live these new times. He added that the constitutional reform will boost competitiveness in Yucatán.