Information on the Magical Towns of Campeche will be digitized

(Photo: Yucatán a la mano)

San Francisco de Campeche, (November 13, 2021).- On Thursday, November 11th, the digitization of the information of the two Magical Towns of the state of Campeche, Palizada and Isla Aguada, began within the framework of the National Crusade for Tourist Digitization in Magical Towns. In the Ministry of Tourism, they reported that this contributes to a greater scope of tourism promotion and dissemination in other states and countries.

Through the Social Communication area of ​​the State Secretariat, they reported that in the Tourist Atlas of the Federal Tourism Secretariat, information on both magical towns already appears. Palizada has been a “Magi Town” for more than 10 years and more recently, in 2020, Isla Aguada received it officially.

They hope that with this information and data update, they can disseminate and promote the wonders that exist in both tourist districts that could offer activities so that visitors can stay from two to three days, being that both magical towns have maritime activities, diverse gastronomy , museums, specific architecture, crafts, and of course lodging.

The Crusade is for all the magical towns of the country and was announced at the federal level last month.

They also reported that there is no estimated time to finish the process, but eventually, they will have a compendium of digital files to project at the representative stand in Campeche.