Guatemalan flies to Miami hidden in a plane’s landing gear and makes it alive

The Chancellery attend a Guatemalan who hid in the landing gear of a plane to get to Miami, Florida. (Photo: Hot Lifestyle News)

FLORIDA, (November 30, 2021).- The Consulate General of Guatemala in Miami, Florida, provides assistance and protection to a Guatemalan went viral on social networks, after a video that shows him hidden in the landing gear of an airplane to enter the United States illegally.

In a press release posted on its website, the Chancellery of the Central American country confirmed that he is a citizen Guatemalan the one who traveled as a “stowaway” to Miami on November 27: “he is an adult and in good health”.

“(The Chancellery) will continue in communication with the immigration authorities that have him in their custody. It will monitor your immigration process in that country, and will make consular visits to provide you with the assistance and protection you require (in Miami) ”.

Chancellery attend to Guatemalan

  • The agency assured that it will look after the interests of the citizen
  • Migration authorities of Miami they found the man in the landing gear

The Chancellery did not provide the identity of the Guatemalan nor the region of the country from which it originates; policemen of Miami announced that the 26-year-old man arrived at the air terminal hidden in the landing gear, an action that generated astonishment on social networks.

The airline flight American Airlines, which departed from the airport Guatemalan La Aurora, the only international in the country, lasted almost three hours until Miami, time in which the “stowaway” was exposed to extreme cold and the risk of falling from a great height.

Guatemalan that flew to Miami

The General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC) of the Central American country, in charge of La Aurora airport, avoided ruling on the case of the Guatemalan on Miami attended by the Chancellery, because an investigation was opened “in order to clarify with certainty what happened.”

Source: Today in 24

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