COVID-19 infections decrease among health personnel in Yucatán

(Photo: Yucatán ahora)

Mérida, Yucatán, (November 15, 2021).- Eulogio Piña Briceño, general secretary of the Union of Workers of the Ministry of Health (SNTSA) section 67, said that in recent months there was a decrease in the number of coronavirus infections in health personnel, compared to the situation at the beginning of the pandemic.

“In the last two months, the cases have dropped considerably. This week we only had 16 infected workers. These cases are people who have both vaccines and are stable, with mild symptoms, ” he explained.

The leader of the union group reported that so far there are 32 workers infected, but they are in their homes isolated and incapacitated for work, but he pointed out that no members of the medical staff personnel have been hospitalized for months.

He also stated that the deaths of workers have been significantly reduced for weeks.

“The last death was a few months ago, and so far, there has not been a single death. Since the beginning of the pandemic, almost 20 months ago, to date, there are 26 deaths registered, ” he said.