Cooking pot explodes and 11 houses catch fire in southern Merida

(Photo: Yucatan al instante)

Mérida, Yucatán, (November 12, 2021).- A strong fire destroyed the back of at least 11 houses in the  Emiliano Zapata Sur 3 neighborhood.  The houses that were burned were basically built with wood and cardboard.

In addition, there are four people who suffered burns and were transferred to hospitals, as well as the death of several pets, including dogs, rabbits, and a squirrel.

(Photo: Reporteros Hoy)

There are two versions of the incident. One of them is that a disabled teenager was left alone in his house, in the back where the kitchen is, and it would have been he who accidentally caused everything, but another version claims that it was a pot of food that was consumed initially with the fire.

The fact is that that part of the house built in cardboard was engulfed in flames, which reached another 10 houses, also made of those materials since they were the first homes in that area, which is on Calle 171, which were invaded areas, but now they would already be regularized.

Se queman 11 casas en la Emiliano Zapata Sur II, Mérida – Pedro Canché  Noticias
(Photo: Noticias Pedro Canche)

Neighbors contacted the authorities, as the fire reached the main part of many of the affected houses, burning belongings, clothing, documents, and furniture, among other things. At the same time some pets were injured, but others sadly could not escape as they were caged or tied up.

(Photo: Yucatan al instante)

Four people suffered burns, and would have been rescued by neighbors, and were handed over to an SSP paramedic who arrived in the area together with firefighters who after a strong fight managed to end the emergency, but the damage had already been done.