Champoton boardwalk that cost 80 million pesos (3.6 million USD) is falling to pieces

(Photo: Campeche Hoy)

Campeche, (November 27, 2021).- Since the inauguration of the work on the expansion of the coastal boardwalk, its two kilometers were built of poor quality, and the potholes have become a great headache for drivers, also they denounce that authorities only fill with second-hand material and in less than a month they appear again.

Likewise, some inhabitants pointed out that their houses are flooded because the destroyed track leaks water, this has also caused some car accidents since its inauguration, coupled with the fact that the gravel detaches from the entire section has been washed away with the rains, so far it is unknown who was in charge of carrying out this project.

However, after 8 months of its opening it is known that more than 80 million pesos were invested, during the past administration of Carlos Miguel Aysa, a situation which he never supervised and inaugurated without giving any verification as well as not considering that this road is the main road that thousands of drivers from other states travel daily.

Despite the complaints of the residents for the multiple deficiencies detected, so far no authority has intervened for its prompt maintenance, this section is located on Carlos Sansores Pérez Avenue, so they urge that the road receives maintenance by individuals who are in bidding contest before the Secretariat of Urban Development, Public Works and Infrastructure, with estimated investment projects between one million 300 thousand and one million 500 thousand pesos.

Being the main entrance and exit of the municipality, the road has been deteriorating not only due to the poor quality of materials used but also because authorities did not consider the constant passage of cargo vehicles.