Campeche México - Photo: (Ocean View Blog)

Campeche, (November 15, 2021).- From November 16 to 20, the federal government will hold the Tianguis Turístico México 2021 and the venue will be the city of Mérida, in Yucatán. During those four days, travel agencies and tour operators, supported by the Secretariat of Tourism of Campeche, will show 1,300 businessmen in the country why the entity should be a tourist destination.

Although there is no specific objective in business meetings, Mauricio Arceo Piña, head of Sectur Campeche, stressed that they are ready as a government body and as a team with the Campeche businessmen.

He pointed out that they are sure of success, since the entity is a place of interest due to the health measures that made it the first green state in 2020.

Today, although there are already many entities in this status, including the neighboring entities of Yucatán and Quintana Roo, in Campeche tourism has already been presented and businessmen have felt the quality of the post-pandemic service offered by restaurateurs, hoteliers and other sectors.

He also mentioned that the participation in the Tourist Tianguis is another step towards the economic recovery of the entity, since it impacts different areas since service providers require suppliers and offer a number of vacancies to citizens; He also pointed out that in parallel to this they will carry out an arduous diffusion work.

Source: La jornada maya