Campeche citizens complain about the deplorable state of their historic center

(Photo: Yucatan a la mano)

Campeche, Camp. (November 08, 2021) .- The last months of the year are considered the most important in the state because it is the season in which more tourists visit Campeche, however, their experience is not at all pleasant when walking through the streets of the city center and noticing that they are in terrible condition.

Every day there is an influx of national and foreign visitors, the terrible cleaning work by the City Council, coupled with the lack of culture of the citizens, give tourists who come to the Campeche capital a bad image of the city .

Campechanos also lamented the callousness and irresponsibility of merchants on 59th Street (one of the main avenues of this City), as well as the other businesses in the area because along the streets you can see garbage bags everywhere, some of them ripped open, obstructing the sidewalks with a stench that drives tourists away.