Campeche authorities without strategies to combat illegal fishing

Fishing boats at Gulf of Mexico shoreline in Campeche, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. (PHOTO:

Campeche, (November 25, 2021).- Although fishing is a very important economic activity in the state, it continues to present negative situations in this sector such as blatant illegal fishing, which has not had a solution for several years, despite the complaints of the workers there is no intervention of authorities or actions to eradicate this problem.

This is reflected in the low volumes that are reported in the capture of octopus, unfortunately, most illegal fishing is carried out by people who come from other states to commit a crime, and this situation occurs every year start of the season of the species, workers can’t take it anymore and they ask the authorities to stop the predation of the mollusk.

They also reiterated the lack of vigilance on the coasts, because although authorities are aware of the situation and have even detected divers catching before and after the season, apparently these actions are underhanded because nobody does anything to intervene.