(Photo: Yucatan al instante)

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (November 05, 2021).- Urology specialists from Clínica Urosur® join the global blue November movement for the second consecutive year, in order to raise awareness among the male population about prostate cancer and other diseases that compromise the quality of life and health of men in our State and the rest of the world.

The press conference was attended by doctors specializing in urology from the Urosur® Clinic staff, such as Dr. Rubén Hernández Melo and Dr. Williams Niño Nájera, and also with the participation of the subspecialized urologist in oncology, Dr. Isaac Labra Salgado, who resolved the main doubts regarding prostate cancer, testicular cancer, penis cancer, and obstructive prostate growth. They emphasized the importance of breaking the barrier of fear, ‘machismo’, laziness, and misinformation on these issues, which only postpone timely medical care, placing important members of the family and society in a position of greater risk in an unnecessary way.

During the event, a patient recovered from testicular cancer testified to the importance of early detection through testicular self-examination and attending on time for specialized care.

At the end of the press conference, we learned how a rapid prostate antigen detection test is carried out, with only a drop of blood, allows us to determine if the patient is at low, moderate, or severe risk to continue with the studies in case of showing an altered figure. The specialists announced that as part of the awareness efforts during BLUE NOVEMBER, MEN’S HEALTH MONTH, at the Uorsur® Clinic they will be giving away 50 tests of this type to the first people to schedule them at 999 9203983.

Later we learned how flowmetry works, a painless and fast study that allows us to determine whether or not a man may be presenting symptoms of prostate growth in the early stages. The clinic will also perform FREE flowmetry to anyone who performs the IPSS test that will be on the social networks of Urosur Mérida, and whose result shows a risk of moderate to severe, scheduling also to the same number.



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