Armored truck causes “dollar rain” on California highway (VIDEO)

Hundreds and hundreds of dollars rained down on a California highway after the door of an armored truck suddenly flew open, triggering a frantic cash-grab from excited drivers traveling along the stretch of road at the time. (Photo: Sin Embargo)

The bags of money feel off the truck and the cash was strewn across the lanes, mostly $ 1 and $ 20 US dollar bills, in the midst of a resulting chaotic standstill.

Carlsbad, California, USA, November 23, 2021, (AP) – Numerous drivers stopped Friday to collect money after bags of cash fell from an armored truck on a southern California highway, authorities said.

The incident occurred shortly before 9:15 a.m. on Interstate 5, near Carlsbad, as the securities truck was heading from San Diego to a Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. office, according to sources.

“One of the doors opened and the bags of money fell out,” explained Sgt. Curtis Martin of the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

Several bags were opened and money spilled all over the lanes, mainly $ 1 and $ 20 bills, resulting in a chaotic shutdown of the freeway, Martin said.

In a video posted online, some people are seen laughing and jumping with pleasure with wads of bills in their hands.

Two people were arrested at the scene, and Martin warned that anyone known to have taken money could face criminal charges. He stressed that there are abundant videos recorded by passersby at the scene and that the FBI and the CHP have begun investigations.

A call was made for ticket collectors to deliver them to the CHP office in Vista.

The authorities did not immediately report the amount of money that was lost. However, at least a dozen people had turned in the bills they collected from the CHP by Friday afternoon, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper .

“People are delivering quite a bit,” Martin said. “People took a lot of money.”

The highway was reopened shortly before 11 a.m.

Source: Sin Embargo

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