After demonstrating Feminist Anti-monument is unveiled in Paseo de Montejo

(Photo: Cecilia Abreu)

The piece was placed for relatives and victims of femicides in the state

Merida, Yucatan, (November 26, 2021).- This Thursday, November 25th, after demonstrating in the streets Downtown de Mérida, at the Paseo de Montejo Auction, the Feminist Anti-Monumenta was unveiled by women victims of feminicides and their families.

Around 7:00 p.m. they unveiled the structure that measures almost two meters and shows the symbol of the woman with a fist in front to make visible the fight of women against gender violence.

(Photo: Cecilia Abreu)

At the event, Lizbeth Martín, Fernanda’s mother, was present and took the megaphone to say: “Today we are here together because we need each other, we need to look at each other, listen to each other … We need to be united because only then can we keep moving forward. “

After this act, they gave a space for women victims of violence to expose what they have happened and who their aggressors have been.

(Photo: Cecilia Abreu)

They also held a minute of silence for all the women who have been victims of violence in the state, which, according to the Yucatán Feminicida organization, there have been 79 from 2008 to this year.

We demand to eradicate violence against women

From 5:00 p.m. this afternoon on November 25, called 25N, women from Merida began to gather in the Mejorada Park to march on the Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Around 250 women manifested with slogans their request to achieve justice and the eradication of violence in the State.

(Photo: Cecilia Abreu)

From the Mejorada to the Paseo de Montejo auction, the contingent walked raising their voices and signs that read “alive, we love each other” and “not one more.”

In this demonstration, victims of violence, relatives of victims of femicides and women who fight every day against this type of violence were present.

(Photo: Cecilia Abreu)

With a manifesto, they made visible that violence begins from childhood, when parents abandon their daughters and sons, but also when the father physically assaults the mother.

Also, they stated, when they walk the streets and experience street harassment or a man chases them, “we have been afraid of walking in the street day or night.”

(Photo: Cecilia Abreu)

With lower salaries for the same jobs or a man masturbating in front of them in public places, with violence for their sexuality, obstetric and three working days.

“And our testimony is always in question.”

(Photo: Cecilia Abreu)

And she ended up raising her voice: “the police don’t take care of me, my friends take care of me.”

Source: La jornada maya