After 6 months, the City Council reopens the “Paso Deprimido” to vehicular traffic

The site was closed to traffic for maintenance after flooding. (Photo: Juan Manuel Contreras)

Merida Yucatan, (November 06, 2021).- After six months closed, in the first minutes of this Saturday 6th, the overpass that is located at the intersection between Prolongación Montejo and Circuito Colonias, north of Mérida, was reopened. From this day on, it is free for circulation.

(Photo: Juan Manuel Contreras)

To the work that was flooded due to the meteorological phenomena that hit the city last year, various works were carried out on its external and visual elements, as well as final tasks of the stormwater drainage system.

As will be recalled, in February, Mayor Renán Barrera announced that the most viable proposal to solve the problem of the road distributor was to raise the level of the interior lanes by 1.50 meters, then their height went from 5.16 to 3.66 meters.

(Photo: Juan Manuel Contreras)

With the above, the circulation of urban buses is restricted, which will favor better mobility in the area according to the local authorities.

It should be remembered that the commune revoked on July 3, 2013, the name of Glorieta de la Paz that was imposed on that space. 

Back then, the emblem of ‘Ciudad de la Paz’ was placed on the bridge there, later it was withdrawn and replaced by the coat of arms of the municipality.