Absenteeism on the first day of face-to-face classes in Campeche

(Photo: Yucatàn al Instante)

Campeche, (November 06, 2021).- From the early hours the presence of parents and students who made long lines to enter the schools was notorious, the process was slow due to teachers who were at the entrances supervising the sanitary filters.

However, it was observed that the number of students was lower than expected since some parents preferred that their children continue with their distance education, before this, several parents assured that, although they still fear for the return to classes they recognize that this strategy was already fair because it is necessary
for their children.

It should be noted that not all educational establishments opened their doors, more than 15 percent of the institutions in the state capital remained closed because they still do not have basic services such as water and electricity.

In contrast to this situation, Adolfo López Mateos elementary school had a significant influx of students. Absenteeism was observed in other schools in the city, such as ‘Domitila Ceballos‘; while other institutions such as the ‘Hijos de Trabajadores’, remain closed and under maintenance work.

Likewise, education authorities indicated that, although they affirmed that the return of students to educational centers is a free and voluntary decision of the parents, they called for the return to face-to-face classes of all educational levels of the state, from Wednesday, November 3rd, ensuring that the conditions exist for the safe return of the 345 thousand students statewide.