Abel Vázquez unveils his mural ‘Compartiendo’ at the Nahualli Art Gallery in Mérida

(Photo: Abraham Bote)

The Mural will be installed at Micaela Mar y Leña restaurant.

Merida, Yucatan, (November 06, 2021).- On the night of this November 4th, the artist Abel Vázquez unveiled his most recent mural, which is called ‘Compartiendo‘, in the Nahualli Gallery, the artists’ home, located on Calle 60, in the Santa Ana neighborhood.

The work will decorate one of the walls of the renowned Micaela Mar y Leña restaurant. Present at the unveiling event were Alberto Nasif, Vidal Elías, from the aforementioned business and, as a special guest, the Secretary of Tourism of Yucatán, Michelle Fridman.

According to the muralist, this work was born after talks and mezcal shots he had with Nasif about sharing and making fusions between Nahualli Art Gallery and Micaela’s gastronomy.

The piece took a year of work, I used the acrylic technique and sought to reflect the sharing of four natural elements fire, water, earth, and wind.

(Photo: Abraham Bote)

“Share with your friends, with your peers. Share our culture, our art, gastronomy, and what characterizes us. The four elements are shared with each other. All this leads us to share, to share everything that is reflected through our culture”, the artist specifies.

It is a duality, he added, that offers a conjugation with the field, the sowing, women, men, corn, and the entire Maya culture.

Alberto Nasif, Micaela’s sommelier, commented that in the restaurant they want their dishes to express something, but they wanted to go further, not just stay with having art in their dishes or their wines.

They wanted their guests to enjoy the walls of the art that is created in the city, that is why they met the teacher Abel Vázquez.

“Abel’s art takes over the walls, once you put one of his paintings up on the wall, and then, when you take it off the wall, the painting starts looking strange, it only happens with his art,” Alberto Nasif said.