(Photo: Yucatan ahora)

YUCATAN, (November 13, 2021) .- Through the Queen Bee Production Centers promoted by the State Government, 15,000 queen bees have been distributed in favor of state beekeepers, with the aim of strengthening their production and supporting families who depend on this activity.

The Secretariat of Rural Development (Seder) continues with the delivery of these insects, so producers from the municipalities of Kinchil, Hunucmá, Tecoh, Cansahcab, and Tixkokob could receive 150 packages to boost their hives.

In this regard, the head of the Seder, Jorge Díaz Loeza, pointed out that this program is also helping Yucatecan breeders of this variant, who are receiving training from the personnel of this agency.

“Every week we are delivering packages of queen bees; It is a program that is active all year round and, in just 2 years after it started, expectations have been exceeded, ”said the state official.

Likewise, Díaz Loeza affirmed that these specimens improve the genetic quality of the apiaries since they can increase honey production from 20 to 40%, with the action of changing the queen of the hive every 2 years, which is recommended to keep the good quality of the sweet are significantly increased.

In this sense, the head of the Seder stressed that the staff in charge of each Production Center has a lot of experience and knowledge in the genetics of the insects that have been adapted very well, through proper management.