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Mérida, Yucatán, (October 29, 2021).- On the occasion of the presentation of the Initiative of the Constitutional Reform in electricity, from the Business Coordinating Council of Yucatan, the Federal Representatives for Yucatan was summoned in order to have with them an exchange of opinions regarding the impacts and scope that this reform will have, in case of being accepted.

The main concerns of the business sector are the conditions for the operation of the established companies, as well as for those seeking to invest in Yucatán. In the same sense, the lack of favorable elements prevails to decide to continue or invest in the State.

Let us remember that the energy cost in the Peninsula is between 12% and 17% higher than in the rest of the country, so we are especially sensitive to the energy issue.

Likewise, the reform could affect investments in the generation of clean energy (wind and photovoltaic), adversely impacting the creation of job sources.

These are part of the issues that we will discuss with our representatives in the Chamber of Deputies, to whom we have already sent an invitation, to the representatives; Cecilia Anunciación Patrón Laviada, Consuelo del Carmen Navarrete Navarro, Ivonne Aracelly Ortega Pacheco (yes, the former governor is now a “Diputada“), Janine Patricia Quijano Tapia, José Elías Lixa Abimerhi, Kathia Maria Bolio Pinelo, Mario Xavier Peraza Ramírez, Pablo Gamboa Miner, Rocío Natalí Barrera Puc, Rommel Aghmed, Pacheco Marrufo, Sergio Enrique Chalé Cauich.

We are sure that we will have a positive response on their part and that we will carry out an important dialogue exercise, exposing the positions and opinions of all the political and private initiative actors.

Source: Yucatan Ahora

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