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They make up a tour to publicize the attractions of Ticul, Tekax, Tekit and Oxkutzcab; the objective is to promote ecotourism, crafts and gastronomy, among others.

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (October 01, 2021).- The Mexican Association of the Tourism Industry of Yucatán (Amit) will soon resume the project “ Legados del Mayab ”, which was stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The objective is to publicize the attractions of municipalities such as Tekax, Oxkutzcab, Tekit, and Ticul, in order to recognize the state not only for having archaeological sites but also for ecotourism, crafts and gastronomy, reported its president, Rosa García Pantoja.

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“The project was very attractive because we were working with four municipalities at the same time, but due to the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the promotion fell; It had already been presented in more than 60 countries, so we are working to take it up again ”, he explained. 

He said that they are already working with the mayors of the municipalities involved so that the project is once again presented to large tour operators in the country, without neglecting biosecurity, so it will be carried out with all the necessary hygiene measures. 

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Legados del Mayab will show the wealth of the state through four municipalities that have everything, from their culture, gastronomy, hotels, among other areas,” said García Pantoja. 

He added that “the tourist will be able to have a different experience because they will know the way of life of each community, for example, how the guayaberas are made.”

(Photo: Amit)

He considered that to strengthen the tourism sector, it is necessary to bet and invest in infrastructure in each municipality since each one has something to offer in this matter.

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