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Mérida, Yucatán, (October 02, 2021).- The secretary-general of the Revolutionary Federation of Workers and Farmers of Yucatán (FROCY), Pedro Oxté Conrado declared that it is unfair that Yucatán continues to have higher electricity rates than those in the north of the country, for years the Yucatecans have insisted that these rates need to be regulated, without positive results from the Federal Government.

He added that in the year summer and winter rates are established, respectively, both do not benefit the Yucatecans, mainly the winter rate, which is more expensive, there is no federal subsidy, and citizens pay very high electricity consumption bills.

He affirmed that the unfairness of these rates affects the productivity of local companies, therefore, jointly, businessmen and union leaders have fought for years for fairer electricity rates for the State without any positive result for the nation.

He specified that we are a State with a lot of heat all year round, which forces us to use fans,
air conditioners and other equipment to keep homes and businesses cool, which triggers high prices in electricity consumption.

Finally, he asserted that as we are in the fall, it gets dark earlier, we have to turn on the lights, and because of the winter rate, energy consumption prices are very strong for all citizens, especially for the lower-middle-class domestic sector, there should be neither the summer nor the winter rate, it does not help the Mexican economy.