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Yucatan is among the states with the lowest marriage rates during 2020

by Yucatan Times
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Mérida, Yucatán, (October 01, 2021) .- In Yucatán, during 2020 the lowest number of marriages in the last four decades was registered, as there were just over three thousand couples who got married, reported the National Institute of Statistics and Geography.

Likewise, about 1,200 divorces were registered during 2020, the lowest number in two decades.

Both phenomena coincide with the period of the Covid-19 pandemic, during which there was a reduction in the demand for this service by the population due to the confinement of people in their homes and the conditions that the health authorities defined for the operation of non-essential economic activities.

The states with the highest marriage rates per thousand inhabitants aged 18 or older were Coahuila, with 5.5, followed by Quintana Roo and Sinaloa, both with 5.4, and Sonora, with 5.3. Those with the lowest rates were Mexico City, with 1.7, Yucatán with 1.9, Tabasco with 2.5 and Tlaxcala, with 2.8.

The average age at marriage is 33.2 years for men and 30.3 for women. In same-sex marriages, the average for men is 35.8 years and for women 34.4 years.

Of the marriages registered in the country, 94.7 percent were between Mexicans. In 4.5 percent of the cases, one of the parties was a foreigner and in 0.8 percent, both parties were foreigners.

53.4 percent of the spouses marry people of the same level of education, highlighting those who have a bachelor’s degree, 36.2 percent. They are followed by those of people with a high school or equivalent level, with 27.1 percent and those of high school or equivalent, with 25.9 percent.

Regarding the condition of economic activity, 93.1 percent of men declare to be working at the time of marriage, while the proportion of women who present this condition is 49.1 percent.

The main position in the work of the spouses is that of an employee, with a total of 197 thousand 834 are men, 63.4 percent, and 125 thousand 434 women, 76.1 percent.

The main activities that women who did not have work at the time of getting married correspond to people dedicated to household chores, with 131,702 cases, equivalent to 90.4 percent, and studying, with 11 thousand 593, equivalent to eight percent. In the case of men, it corresponds to those who were retired, with 57.6 percent.

In Yucatan 3,118 marriages were registered, the lowest figure from 1980 to date, displacing 2019, when the sum was 9,718 marriages, and the highest number occurred in 1997, with 14,726 marriages.

There was a decrease of 67.9 percent over the previous year.


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