Yacht catches fire on the high seas off the shore of Celestún

Photo: (Yucatan al instante)

The yacht “Juan Pablo” at the time of the accident was located north of the port of Celestún

Celestún, Yucatán, (October 21, 2021.- Although maritime authorities in this area did not issue an official report, about a recreational boat identified as “Juan Pablo” that caught fire last Tuesday night, it is unknown if any member of the crew had injuries.

According to radio reports that the radio station “Evita” was able to capture based in this port, it was possible to provide help offshore.

Celestún is located in the northwest corner of Yucatán, just north of the border with the state of Campeche, on the Gulf of Mexico coast.

The yacht at the time of the burning was located to the north of this coastal municipality, just to the west of the coast. It was also known that four crew members were on board who were trying to put out the fire that threatened to invade the entire ship.

It was not specified if the yacht is Mexican or how many feet long it is, and where it was going. It is even unofficially handled that this boat could have been stolen, but the latter could not be confirmed, due to the secrecy of the authorities in charge.