Workers will go on strike if they are not paid year’s end bonus

(Via: ReporterosHoy)

Mérida, Yucatán.- The Single Union of Workers of the Judicial Branch of Yucatán requested the presidency of this power to establish a discussion table to solve several points, such as the payment of an end of the year incentive, the signing of general working conditions and a salary increase.

According to a document issued by the group, during its IV Extraordinary General Assembly it was agreed, in the first instance, to request from the judicial and executive branches a budgeted amount to cover the payment of the year-end bonus, although if there is no response, a demonstration will be held “to make the workers’ demands heard”.

The document states that, in the event that this month ends and there is no favorable response to the group’s demand, 24-hour work stoppages will be held every Monday in November, as a means of pressure on the Judiciary.

If there is no response, it was informed that a new assembly will be held to discuss the possibility of calling a strike until their demands are met.

This is not the first time that the group has threatened to paralyze services, since in previous years it has carried out mobilizations to demand attention to its demands.

For the time being, the union sent a notice to the presidency of the Judicial Power, with the purpose of establishing a dialogue table to discuss the different situations faced by the 420 workers of the group.

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