Water system under repair in Yaxcabá, Yucatán

Photo: (Reporteros hoy)

Yaxcabá, Yucatán, (October 01, 2021) .- Staff from the Potable Water and Sewerage Board (Japay) repaired the system that supplies Popolá, Yaxcabá community, informed the director of the agency, Sergio Augusto Chan Lugo.

The official personally supervised the works, in the company of the mayor of that municipality, Henry Pacab Herrera, who requested the support of the parastatal, since a few days ago, it was detected that the pump was not sending enough liquid to the users of the community.

Photo: (Reporteros hoy)

This is how, this Wednesday, the Japay team reviewed and fixed the electromechanical defects of the system, which on the same day, returned to operate properly, to supply about 75 homes in that town, where 230 live people, approximately.

Chan Lugo took advantage of the presence of the mayor and Germy Lugo Dzul, who is in charge of the operation of the mechanism, to offer them technical advice on the care and better use of it.

Photo: (Reporteros hoy)

Likewise, he recommended to the municipal president the acquisition of a pressure gauge, to measure the water pressure and avoid both unnecessary wear of the pump and excessive pressure in the distribution network.

Source: Reporterso Hoy