Violence against women in Campeche, unstoppable

Campeche, (October 29, 2021).- In Campeche, few complaints are made regarding violence against women, because most of the victims live in fear of being attacked again by their partners, so in most cases, they do not report out of fear, and justice is not made.

It should be noted that from January to September of the current year, the Ministry of Public Security has received 6,599 reports of gender violence against women through 911, said Marcela Muñoz Martínez, of which only in 18 cases a research folder was initiated.

However, unfortunately, this represents only 3 percent of the complaints registered through 911. In fact, there is a black figure of 99.7 for the crime of family violence, that is, no complaints about this type of violence are registered.

In several municipalities such as Tenabo, Hopelchén, Calkiní, and Candelaria the number of crimes against women has been increasing, however, in at least 13 percent of the cases against the aggressors their victims withdrew the complaints.

I,n 45 percent of the cases the aggressor is the husband, in 15 percent of the cases it’s the boyfriend; in 25 percent of the cases is the ex-partner, and in 15 percent of the cases the aggressor is the sentimental partner or lover.

In Campeche, there are more cases of family violence that have gone unnoticed due to the reaction of women who, out of affection for their partners, do not file complaints, or simply do not ask for help, a situation that is truly worrying.

That is why, a female police group was created, which will deal with crimes of violence, with priority attention for women, will take or file a complaint, there will be a support network for women and it will be done 24/7, to try to reverse this situation.